Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ricky Ross vs 50

Ricky speaks on 50.


Kid Cudi- Drop [Freestyle]
T Pain && Kanye- Flight School [no tags]
Tyga- Cali Love
Young Chris- Search for an outlet feat.
[Wale Bun B and Laws]
Day 26- Put it on her
Ludacris & David Banner- Come with me


Ne-Yo- Stupid for you
Ne-Yo- Lickin my fingers
Ne-Yo-Common Sense

Bow Wow

You can get it all [High quality]

Studio time...

with Sean Kingston and Wyclef.

Coming Soon.

Tyga- Outraged and Underaged.

**Will post as soon as it comes out.


Charles Hamilton Edition.

Music Video

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lebron Interview

With Magic Johnson...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kanye, Pain, Dream.

Kanye && T-Pain- Flight School
Dream && Kanye- Walking on the moon

Tatted up?

Lil Wayne tats Tyga

Stanky Leg

Snoop and Ciara on Dog after Dark


Beyonce on the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Colin Monroe.

Colin Monroe- Im Fine [feat. Young Buck]
**Great Song.

What To Watch.

Making the Band on MTV @ 9. ABDC on MTV @ 10.
Spurs at Pistons on TNT @ 8.
Celtics at Jazz on TNT @ 10.

Al Sharpton.

on the new Political cartoon in the New York Times.


Joe Budden- If i gotta go
Rick Ross-Blame It Remix
Rick Ross- What goes around [50 diss]
Ne-Yo- Waiting

Baron Davis...

On Crips and Bloods, Made In America

Kid Cudi

Freestyle && Complext Photoshoot.
Behind the Scenes on Dog After Dark

Swag Ball.

Juelz Announces his Swag Ball

Tyga Enters.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kobe Vs Lebron?

Kobe says he will win.


Drake -Tonight feat. Treazon.
Drake- Congratulations


Of M.I.A's new born son.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome To Heartbreak.

Music Video

Every Girl

Young Money Behind The Scenes of Every Girl.

I love your girl.

DJ Rockstar presents, I love your girl volume 5.
1. S Class - Intro (0:23)
2. Drake - Best I Ever Had (3:46)
3. Ron Browz Ft. R.Kelly - Club to a Bedroom (2:46)
4. Slim - Heels on (Remix) (Ft Ron Browz & Deezo) (3:37)
5. Jeremih - My Ride (3:37)
6. Roderic - You (Remix) feat. Chris Brown (3:50)
7. T-Pain Ft. Lil' Wayne - Snap Your Fingaz (3:00)
8. Drake - Houstatlantavegas (3:11)
9. Young Money - Every Girl (Prod By Tha Bizness) (4:37)
10. The-Dream - Rockin' That Shit (feat. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Ludacris) (4:53)
11. Drake - November 18Th (2:04)
12. Trey Songz - Don't Wanna Come Down (2:41)
13. Young Keno - Hood Famous (Ft. Jah Free) (2:58)
14. Charles Hamilton - Lip Service (1:20)
15. Tyga Ft. Lloyd - Get Away (3:12)
16. Bobby Valentino - Hands on Me (3:30)
17. Drake - A Night Off (feat. Lloyd) (2:50)
18. Pleasure P - They Must Be (Prod. By Co-Stars) (3:36)
19. Kay L - Being Me (3:09)
20. Roderic feat Sean Carson - Miss Ma (feat. Sean Carson) (Prod By Maestro) (4:09)
21. Lil' Wayne Ft. Juelz Santana & Starr - Rockstar (3:56)
22. Marliek - Tell Me Whatz Good (3:32)
23. Drake - Successful (feat. Trey Songz & Lil' Wayne) (6:15)


Wale performance, live in Austraillia.


Aubrey on Chelsea Lately, Speaks on being Bi-sexual, Kicked out of Danity Kane, and other interesting things.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Movie Trailer

'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 feat. Denzel, and John Travolta

Another mixtape?!

After he jut released "Isn't This Akward", Here comes Charles with another Mixtape called. My Brain Is Alive



Pharrell, Big Sean, Charles Hamilton

Shaqs Entrance.

With the Jabawockeez

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 10.

First Half Of Season [NBA]


Kobe and Shaq first interview in forever.



Day 26- Vixen
Ne-Yo- Bossy


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fifty, yuh.

Fresh Liney?

A.I cuts his hair?! check out the all star
game on Sunday night!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Kiss My ASS [Mixtape]


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Swizz Beats- Up in the club remix [feat. Busta and Lil Wayne]

Body like A....

Skull Gang- Body like a Masarati

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For those of you that dont know who KAWS is, you should watch this video, hes a great artist and great inspiration to many people. [Video of him on CBS]


NERD performed in Richmond the other day and came across some very good photos of the concert for those of you who were there, or for those who are just plain old fans of NERD or even photography.

Music Video,

Ludacris Feat. Plies- Nasty Girl.

Dancing with the stars.

For those of you that don't already know.
The stars are revealed for This seasons show.
Jewel, Shawn Johnson, Lil Kim, Steve-o, Nancy
O'Dell, Lawrence LT Taylor, Chuck Wicks,
Giles Marini, Denise Richards, Steve Wozniak,
Belina Carlisle, David Alan Grier and Ty Murray.

Wayne wins?

Wayne on around the horn, for those of you who watch sportscenter, you know how the game goes, questions are asked by the host, and all 4 analysts have opportunities to answer the question. Valid arguments get positive points and obviously if the host thinks your talking stupid hell give you negative points. This video shows his answer to Big Bens broken ribs, A-Rod and his situation, Obamas comments and other sports questions

Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton- Scoripion


Robin Thicke- Dreamworld

Rick Ross Vs 50.

Rick Ross- Push em over the ledge
[shots at all of g-unit.]

Latest On Chris Brown...

Found out today that supposly Rhianna started this so called 'fight'. According to Bossip.Com

"They were in the car leaving the Clive Davis party. While Chris was driving, he got a phone call from a young lady. Our source tells us that Rihanna knew that Chris had been messing around with this particular girl and she has, as of late, been the reason for many of their heated arguments. Rihanna got a glimpse of the phone, saw the name and number and immediately recognized who it was. She went ballistic and began to “beat the sh*t” out of Chris (while driving). She was so uncontrollable, that Chris began to fight back in self defense, which ensued the fight. Rihanna’s rage stemmed from Chris’ questionable fidelity in the last few months."

Chris Browns Bail was 50,000. [Chump change for him i suppose]
Took a plane ride to the east coast today.

Kanye West on the Radio today had an interview and
gave his thoughts on the situation... saying...

“She has the potential to be the greatest artist of all time and, in that sense,…I feel like that’s my baby sis and I would do any and everything to help her in any situation,”

Rick Ross Presents...

Gay Units Workout

Night Life

Wale and Young Chris [from the young gunz] with another track, they seem to be a great combination every time they get on tracks together.

Wale && Young Chris- Night life

Asher Roth.

Asher Roth and DJ Skee


7o3 Submitted.

J.Wryte & Young Prince feat. B.Delaney
We Rite Here

Rockin that...

Dream video with Rocking that shit, good video. enjoy.


Terry Kennedy [TK] talks shit to Bow Wow.
Talks about his shoe coming out, talks shit
to Bow Wow, remember, theyve both been with

Tyga- La La Boom, Little underground video.
Goes in, aiight video, enjoy.

50 thinks Kanye is gay. Talks about Ye's hair
and questions his sexuality.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Video Blogs

Bow, Diddy, Sean Kingston



Sean Kingston and Good Charlotte

Foot Race

Budden and Joell Ortiz


just thought id post this. dont really watch American Idol this year but i saw this video and thought it was good.


Spurs Vs Celctics + Lakers Vs. Cavs = [great games]
- Roger Mason Jr. & Lamar Odom doesn't care!
-Congrats to you laker fans for beating the
Cavs at home, even when Kobe is sick.

**Pro Bowl wasn't that bad.
-hate the fact you can't blitz but
it is just for fun, congrats nfc
-Larry Fitz is not human.
[caught a bomb at end of 1st half]
-Ciara looked good during
the halftime performance.

*The Grammys were great.
-A lot of great performances...
- T.I feat. Jay, Ye, T.I, Wayne
[swagger like us]
- The Justin Timberlake performance
with Boyz 2 Men and Al Green
-Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Brothers.

Enjoy A few videos before they get
deleted by youtube....

Stevie and the Jonas Brothers.

T.I and Justin

Katy Perry

Jay And Coldplay


Tie My Hands.

What to watch.

-NBA Cavs VS Lakers
[best home record vs best away record
-NFL Pro Bowl
-The Grammys
[Swagger Like Us Performance]

Saturday, February 7, 2009


T-Wayne- Snap Your Fingers
Jim Jones- Bad Boys [feat. Elly Ess]
Lil Wayne- 10 years [feat. Sizzla]
Young Jeezy- Turn my swag on [remix]


As entertaining as the beef was, its over. Even if it lasted for a few days, with about 10 youtube videos between the both and a diss track fror each. Oh well, they squash the beef in the video below VIA phone.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Triple Double?

NBA takes away Lebrons triple double
due to a mistake. Apparently Lebrons last
rebound was a sketch rebound and they
took it away.


Asher Roth coming out with his album soon, track list just came out.

1. Lark On My Go-Cart
2. Blunt Cruisin’
3. I Love College
4. Bad Day” ft. Jazze Pha
5. Be By Myself ft. Cee-Lo
6. Sour Patch Kids
7. She Don’t Want A Man
8. As I Em ft. Chester French
9. His Dream ft. Miguel
10. Ladida
11. Leo The Lion
12. Fallin
13. Nothing You Can’t Do

Diss Track

Soulja Boy Diss

+ Bow Wow Strikes Back

Diss Track.

F*ck Bow Wow

Its War

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Nex Mixtape coming soon.
The last Kiss.
Not Downloadable Yet,
Just tracklist and cover.
Will post as soon as i get
a hold of it.

1. Pain & Torture
2. Can’t Stop Me
3. Something Else featuring Young Jeezy
4. Things I’ve Been Through
5. One More Step featuring Styles P
6. Rocking With The Best featuring Pharrell
7. Time’s Hard featuring Barrington Levy
8. I Tried featuring Avery Storm
9. Cartel Gathering featuring Ghostface & Raekwon
10. Smoking Gun featuring Jazmine Sullivan
11. Seaching featuring Sheek Louch
12. Come And Get Me featuring S.I. & Sheek Louch
13. By My Side featuring Ne-Yo
14. Money And Jewelry
15. What If
16. Letter To B.I.G. featuring Faith Evans
BONUS: Death Wish featuring Lil’ Wayne

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Usher- Love in this club feat. Jeezy [piano version]
J.Cardin- Dont play with my dough [feat. Wale/Cafe/ Mims]


Diddy and Terry Richardson

Bow Wows Shoe.

Sylk over in Japan

Skull Gang- Aggy

Rick Ross- Mafia Music

El Prez makes Cant touch this 09 beat, CRAZY!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Was on the BBC blog looking at this crazy pool table that my friend KevinP showed me and noticed they had a shout out to Diggy from Runs house, who happens to have his own blog. Kids got a nice lil swag, his blogs interesting. [Click Picture]

Now speaking of that pool table, good golly miss molly, here are some flicks and videos for you to see for yourself, running for about 20 grand.


Say what....

Dipset DJ going offfff.

Monday, February 2, 2009


To two of my good friends who
blog as well. Camden and his people at VCU
running Students of Hip Hop . Great blog
to update you on fashion and music!!

The lovely Miss Beth
[known as elizabethany]
with her blog as well! Get caught
up with her thoughts, and news
in the celeb world!