Sunday, February 8, 2009


Spurs Vs Celctics + Lakers Vs. Cavs = [great games]
- Roger Mason Jr. & Lamar Odom doesn't care!
-Congrats to you laker fans for beating the
Cavs at home, even when Kobe is sick.

**Pro Bowl wasn't that bad.
-hate the fact you can't blitz but
it is just for fun, congrats nfc
-Larry Fitz is not human.
[caught a bomb at end of 1st half]
-Ciara looked good during
the halftime performance.

*The Grammys were great.
-A lot of great performances...
- T.I feat. Jay, Ye, T.I, Wayne
[swagger like us]
- The Justin Timberlake performance
with Boyz 2 Men and Al Green
-Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Brothers.

Enjoy A few videos before they get
deleted by youtube....

Stevie and the Jonas Brothers.

T.I and Justin

Katy Perry

Jay And Coldplay


Tie My Hands.

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